Ferris Wheel Sweet Stand

Ferris Wheel Sweet Stand

A new addition to us here at Chic Covers Weddings is this stunning Ferris Wheel Sweet Stand, it can be used at a variety of events weddings, children's birthday parties and christenings.

It rotates full circle and can be accessed front and back - shortens the queue.

ferris wheel

It is unique in its design and because of it's small footprint in can be placed on a 3ft round or square table at your location and is an alternative to the cart style designs.

The 18 different trays can hold a variety of different items 15 kg of sweet's, up to 80 cup cakes, cookies and biscuits or a mixture of items it's all up to you.


On it's own for you to fill £80.00

For up to 75 People - £150.00

For up to 100 People - £180.00

For up to 125 People - £225.00

It is supplied with bag's and serving utensils for you event. The wheel can be enhanced with some lighting if you require (optional - NO CHARGE), this does enhance the wheel and makes a stunning display

(These are prices with the addition of sweets only. If you require the stand to be supervised during your event additional costs are applied. Prices for over 125 are available on request)

A £75.00 deposit will secure the date. A security deposit is held for this equipment and is returned on collection of the wheel if no damages are present.

For more details please contact us for further information.